Easy and cheap Pad Printing at home

A Pad printing is a method in which ink is applied directly onto the surface to print. The desired image to print is photographically transferred on the fine fabric so that the non-printing component is blocked off and to serve the cloth using a stencil. The ink is applied on the display by passing through the unblock pores to make it to the substrate. A separate screen is used for each colour to publish, and the method is repeated.

This permits the color to pass through the perforation and become applied to the fabric that’s underneath, Take five tbsp of the color binder to include five drops of dye onto it then add four drops of this fixer, Now mix it well and see whether the color is dark enough or light enough and mixed as favored, To make the color darker add few drops of the dye and blend it again, Use three-four layers of a waste cloth underneath the fabric.

Andy Warhol was a favorite screen-printer identified as impression à chaud at the United States, Warhol has been supported in his own creation by master Screen Printer Michel Caza, a founding member of Fespa, Sister Mary Corita Kent gained international fame for hervibrant serigraphs during the 1960s and at 1970s comprising words which were both political and fostered love and peace, This technique was utilized just for decorating clothes, objects, and walls, but after the 19th century, it became popular, Micheal Vasilantone developed a rotary multicolor garment Pad printing machine in the year 1960.

Brush it lightly so that it will not eliminate anything which actually needs. This might take a tiny bit of time, and sometimes there is a mistake. If some of those areas have mistakes or stuff that don’t wish to publish however, use a tape to cover it. Use painter’s tape rather than tape tape as the duck tape will rip off the emulsion. Design the top and place the display, and then put in a nice bead on the Pad print ink. It’s ideal to have someone else hold the screen and pull the squeegee down throughout the print.

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